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Full Name of Organisation: Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Economy -Hydrometeorological Service

Legal Status: Governed by public law

Address: Skupi bb, 1000 Skopje, Republic of Macedonia

Contact Person: Silvana Stevkova


Brief description of the organization

Brief history

Hydrometeorological activities have long and rich  tradition on  our  territory:

  • 1891 were performed first meteorological measurements and  observations;
  • 1923 was organized  first precipitation station network;
  • 1947 was established Hydrometeorological Service 
  • 1993 as independent country we became a permanent member of the WMO;

Today the Service carrying out and co-ordinating international obligations of Republic of Macedonia with its research and developing programme

Major organizational units

  • Department for Meteorology and Climatology,
  • Department for Weather forecasting, IT and Maintenance,
  • Department for Hydrology and Environmental Control
  • Department for Administration


Law on hydrometeorological activity regulates hydrological and meteorological matters and authorize (designate) the responsible institution – Hydrometeorlogical Service) for fulfilling the tasks comprising: development and maintenance of hydrological and meteorological (weather) observation; research of atmosphere, soil and water resources; and application of hydrology and meteorology.

Some duties regarding the development and maintenance of the hydrological and meteorological (weather) observation are: establishment and maintenance of meteorological and hydrological station network; meteorological measurements and observations for weather forecasting, climatology, agrometeorology, aeronautical meteorology; measurements and observations of the air, water and soil quality; processing the registered data; provision of reports and forecasts of weather, hydrological condition and air, water and soil quality.

Research of the atmosphere, soil and water resources, among other include: research of the physical basis of climate, monitoring the climate change and variability, development of methods for climate prediction; monitoring and research of air, water and soil quality parameters, transport of air pollutants; research and development of methods for forecasting air, water and soil pollution; research of the potential solar and wind power as renewable sources for energy production; development of instruments and methods of observation etc.

Hydrometeorological Service represents a national Hydrometeorological informative center as part of national system for information distribution. It also carries out international exchange of meteorological and hydrological data and information. HMS of the Republic of Macedonia is responsible and coordinates international obligations of the country in the area of meteorology and hydrology.

Other legal instruments that also imply legal duties to the Hydrometeorological Service are: Law on waters, Law on protection of air pollution, Law on protection and advancement of environment and nature etc.


Total staff:     208

  • Meteorological personnel          66
  • Hydrological personnel             27
  • Other specialists (professional):  85
  • Administrative personnel:  33

 262 measuring sites:

14 main meteorological stations

16 regular meteorological stations

24 phenological stations

1 upper air sounding station

160 precipitation  stations

3 automated weather stations

3 main radar centres


277 hydrological stations:

110  surface water

167 for groundwater observation

Role in the DMCSEE Project: IPA Project Partner - HMS

Hydro-meteorological Service within the Ministry for Agriculture, forestry and water economy works according to the Law on hydro-meteorological matters and is therefore assigned to be a national meteorological service. It carries out hydrological and meteorological observations, processes and manages data obtained from national measurement network. Within the frames of the DMCSEE project HMS will start to use shared software application and common methodology with partners from the SEE region. It will prepare national drought monitoring and early warning products available to end users. HMS will support the functioning of DMCSEE and work on products dissemination to users as well as improve knowledge capacity and skills to combat drought. The connection with institutions on national, regional and local level regarding decrease of drought impact on various sectors will be strengthened and policy recommendations will be given to relevant decision-makers.

Although HMS has no experiences in INTERREG projects so far, HMS up to date participated in following projects as project partner:

  • UNDP funded project: “Enabling Activities for Preparation of Macedonian’s First and Second National Communication to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC)” 
  • Swiss Government funded project: “RIMSYS River Monitoring System in Macedonia”
  • NATO funded project: “Improvement of the Monitoring of River Vardar” 
  • PHARE/EC/MG funded project: “Improvement of the Hydrometeorological Information System in Weather Modification - Radar digitalization and spare parts - Operational weather forecast system” 
  • WMO/French Government funded project: “MEDHYCOS - Mediterranean Hydrological Cycle Observing System”
  • EC/French Government funded project: “BALWOIS – Water Observation and Information System for Balkan Countries” 
  • EAR funded project: “Modern laboratory for chemical measurements”
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