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Hungary OMSZ

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Full Name of Organisation: Hungarian Meteorological Service

Legal Status: Governmental Service

Address: H-1024 Budapest, Kitaibel Pál u. 1. Hungary

Contact Person: Zita Bihari, Ildikó Dobi



Brief description of the organization:

The Hungarian Meteorological Service (OMSZ) is a central budget institution, it was estableshen in 1870. Being the national meteorological service of Hungary it is responsible for supplying meteorological, atmospheric environmental and climate information, and for the provision of warnings about severe weather situations in Hungary. All this is based on the extended national and international infrastructures including the observational network over Hungary, the running of telecommunication and informatics system for obtaining all the meteorological data from the Global Telecommunication System of the World Meteorological Organization and the intensive co-operations with various international organizations on the research, development and operative activities. The further incomes of the HMS are ensured by commercial services, national and European Union projects.

Role in the DMCSEE Project:

OMSZ in DMCSEE project is the Leader of WP3 (Climatology and drought monitoring and mapping system). OMSZ is responsible for preparation of climate data and maps and for implementation of drought monitoring system. Moreover, OMSZ is the Leader of WP5 (Capacity building trainings). In this function OMSZ is responsible for organisation of thematic trainings on gathering and processing of data and organisation of seminars for end users.

Additionally, OMSZ participates at WP4 (Drought risk assessment) by making drought vulnerability estimates based on climatological and geomorphological data.

OMSZ has some experience in preparation of climate data and also in the organisation of trainings on homogenization and interpolation.

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