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Full Name of the Organisation: VITUKI Environmental and Water Management Research Institute Non-profit LTD

Legal Status: Public, Research Institute

Address: H-1095 Budapest, Kvassay Jenő út 1. HUNGARY

Contact  Person: Gábor Bálint, Zsolt Mattányi


Brief description of the organization:
VITUKI was founded in 1952 on the basis of the Hydrologic Institute to perform for the Hungarian Water Management both basic and applied research, as well as studies related to the development, conservation and sound management of water resources of the country. Supported by hydraulic, hydro chemical etc. laboratories; equipment, instrumentation and computer facilities, VITUKI has emerged as one of the most complex water-oriented full-service professional organizations in the region. At present, there are about 80 highly qualified specialists on the staff, out of the total 230 employees, including civil, chemical, electrical, mechanical engineers, geologists, biologists, mathematicians, and geophysicists.
VITUKI is the reference center of WHO and WMO concerning water quality and hydrology, respectively, one of the founding members of International Association of Hydraulics Research (IAHR) and focal point for the International Association for Hydrological Sciences (IAHS). Hydrologists of the Institute elaborated numerous national projects related to hydrological forecasting also participated in international projects of the European Union, WMO and the Danube countries. The Institution played a key role in the investigation of high floods in the period of 1998-2001 in the Tisza Basin with special emphasis on flood forecasting and flood inundation studies. Drought studies in central Hungary and investigation of the hydrological drought in the Balaton catchment 2000-2003.

Role in the DMCSEE Project:
Minor contribution is expected from VITUKI in several jointly elaborated tasks regarding collection and analyses of hydrological data and publication of project results and training. Within Work Package  3 (WP 3): “Climatology and drought monitoring and mapping system”, Task: 3.2.4 “Improvement of drought monitoring with remote sensing data”, VITUKI will elaborate a snow detection and snow assessment tool by way of extending and upgrading the existing NHFS snow accumulation and ablation system for part of the SEE region. It foreseen, that land based data and satellite remote sensing products will be combined to reach the set goal. Stockholm hus målare stockholm | It-service Stockholm | Gummibåt köp är bästa affär du kan göra.