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Full Name of Organisation: Hidrometeorološki zavod Crne Gore
Hydrometeorological Institute of Montenegro,  HI-M

Legal Status: Governmental institution

Address: IV Proleterske 19

Contact Person: Mirjana Ivanov


Brief description of the organization

Hydrometeorological Institute of Montenegro was established in 1947 as a governmental institution. It is under the Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning.

HI-M is divided into four sectors: Meteorology, Hydrometeorological informational system, Hydrology and Monitoring the quality of environment. Each sector is divided into departments which implement the main activities. The Main activities are following:

  1. In the Sector of Meteorology: weather forecast and analysis, climate monitoring and assessment, applied meteorology in engineering, agrometeorology, maintenance of meteorological instruments and network of stations too
  2. In the Sector of Hydrometeorological Informational system: implementation and maintenance of informational systems and automatic weather stations
  3. In the Sector of Hydrology: measuring of water level and water discharge, monitoring water balance, consulting in hydrogeology and hydrotechnic
  4. In the Sector of Monitoring the quality of environment: water quality monitoring, air quality monitoring, consulting in environmental protection, activities within national programs EMEP and BaPMON. HI-M is a national focal point for MEDPOL.

HI-M’s observing system, products, information and weather and sea wave forecasts, regional as well as global cooperation are focused on prevention  and reduction of disaster risks related to the weather, water and air.

HI-M has experiences in the projects, such as: AdriCosmStar – integrated river basin and coastal zone management system, sponsored by the Italian Ministry of Environment, Land and Sea; project related to the bathymetric measurements of the river Bojana and Scadar Lake; project SEE-ERA  related to the regional transport of desert’s sand; research project AEN related to the extreme weather conditions in Montenegro, etc.

Role in the DMCSEE Project

HI-M is DMCSEE project’s assistant partner. Activities that HI-M should undertake in the project are related to the assistance in:

  • WP1 except external evaluation activities
  • WP2 – promotion of the network platform, dissemination of the project results, and final conference
  • WP3 – preparation and drought monitoring and mapping system, establishment of irrigation scheduling system
  • WP4 – drought impact reporting, drought vulnerability and risk assessment except the subtask 4.2.3
  • WP5 -  preparation of training manual, organization of seminars
  • WP6 related to the start-up of DMCSEE.

HI-M does not have experience in the projects related to the droughts. Если вам нужна хорошая информация, я думаю лучше.