You are a winner or loser?

You are a winner or loser?

You are a winner or loser?

You are a winner or loser? In the forex market there are countless investors who enter this business but fail to develop the expected profits and end up quitting the investment by the losses, if you are a novice investor, know that it is not a matter of luck that makes the difference between a winning investor and a loser, the question is deeper than chance as there is a gulf of difference between the successful investor and quitter.

It is common for investors who are early in the process of investing in forex market operate with tight deadline, the investors, for the most part do not have an investment plan, only invests in positions that are up and make the mistake of closed them ahead of time for fear of losses, it ultimately hurts the profits and easing the losses for this type of investor.

If you want to be a winner, change posture, most successful investors invest in currency pairs in the medium and long term, this is the first step for you to become a winner.

A common mistake of losers is spending a lot of time speculating how the market will behave in time to come, on the other hand, successful investors are concerned about how to act in the present moment the market, remember that you are an investor and not an analyst market, the external analysis is important but it is not decisive to become a winning investor, as they prefer to follow the current market than spending time with further analysis.

Another difference that requires a change of attitude is that the losers only care about their profits while the winners have in mind how much they can earn and how much they can lose on the investment, ie the risk is being evaluated at all times the successful investor. To become a successful investor you need to correct your mistakes and act rationally, changing your posture and believing in the market and in yourself.

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